Davis & Sanford offers a rewarding and challenging career in the field of Facility Management at various levels and roles. We strive to be the Employer of choice for qualified and committed professionals looking for a change or wanting to start afresh in a new career. At Davis & Sanford, our performance-oriented culture and responsible approach are the foundations of our success. We recognize that our business depends on the creativity, dedication and performance of our team. We encourage them to focus on achievement through collaboration and innovation. Davis & Sanford understands the importance of overall employee satisfaction and believes that challenged and well-trained employees contribute to a positive working environment in which they can achieve their goals. All employees are continually encouraged to strive to reach a higher level and promotion occurs from within where possible. We are responsible employers and believe in taking care of our people. We have long established programmes to appreciate employees for contribution to the organization and reward the exceptional through various modes. At Davis & Sanford, we consider our talented and dedicated staff as our most valuable resource. We rely on them to meet all customer requirements at all times. As a service company, we placed the highest priority on ensuring our people are well-trained, well supported and technically competent. They are the frontline representatives of the company that client and the all facility users rely on.



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