The magic of great quality comes from monitoring the pulse of your facility and working proactively to ensure that service levels are exceeded. When problems are detected, they are clearly communicated to all stakeholders and effectively resolved. We work in partnership with our clients and the facilities we serve to ensure that our company delivers what we have promised. Davis & Sanford’s approach is proactive. Our metrics identify deficiencies and allow us to quickly take action. We have a no-nonsense approach to discipline. Without pointing fingers when errors and deficiencies occur, we acknowledge them, make a record in our knowledge base, and ensure they are not repeated. All deficiencies are tracked and examined to pinpoint the root cause of any issue. Industry-experienced staff, seasoned supervisors, ample site visits, interviews and meetings, genuine interest, and “old-fashioned elbow grease” are all required to effectively monitor the pulse of a facility.

It’s vitally important to us that we maintain consistency across our whole work area. Davis & Sanford has defined quality standards that deliver:

  • A clear focus on providing what we promise
  • Well-defined policies and procedures centered around our clients’ business objectives
  • Internal and external quality reviews to insure that we are meeting performance, efficiency and safety compliance benchmarks
  • Continual performance improvement.

Through dedicated and trained team who administer our quality program, the Davis & Sanford process ensures you that:

  • Our employees are accountable for their respective roles in delivering quality service
  • Our employees understand your objectives
  • We meet your objectives
  • Our employees have the training, tools and support to succeed
  • We create clear and measurable goals, communicate them effectively and measure performance
  • We remedy any areas requiring improvement from the previous audit.



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